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Tommy Cooper got started “doing the music thing” early in life, from playing in elementary school band to trying to learn any instrument he could get his hands on in high school.  By the time he was fifteen, he was making sound-on-sound recordings on a Sony quarter-track tape recorder in his bedroom, having no idea that this would eventually turn into a career. 

After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism (yeah, really!), he realized he really wanted to pursue a career in making records.  He secured a position at a prominent commercial recording studio in Atlanta and was fortunate to have worked on a number of well-known pop records in the early 1980's, which exposed him to world-class producers, engineers and artists. 

In 1989 Tommy moved to Nashville and found work making country records.  After engineering a number of country projects for Epic Records, he was invited to record some sessions at a studio which produced Southern Gospel records.  From that first session, Tommy worked almost exclusively out of that studio for several years, recording most of the current Southern Gospel artists and all of the prerecorded music for the popular Gaither Homecoming videos. 

Since then Tommy has made a career of producing and engineering records from the studio in his home.  The studio features a ProTools rig, some great microphones and signal paths and a fantastic Baldwin 9' concert grand piano, which has appeared on countless records.  He combines these and his extensive music background with almost thirty years of studio experience to provide his clients with great sounding recordings for a fraction of what they might have to pay elsewhere. 

Although he might be better known now for his work in the Southern Gospel genre, he has considerable experience in classical, pop, rock, jazz and swing.


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